Lenten Fast and St. Patrick’s Day

This was posted on Facebook from Bishop Konderla in regards to St. Patrick’s Day:


This Friday presents an opportunity for evangelization as we keep our Lenten fast this St. Patrick’s Day. Accordingly, I have issued the following memorandum.

We will be celebrating on March 17th the Commemoration of St. Patrick, Bishop and Missionary. This year, the traditional commemoration falls on the second Friday of Lent. Considering the canonical and pious observance of meat abstinence on Fridays during the Lenten Season (cf. Canon 1250), I have been asked by some of our priests and some of the faithful if a dispensation from the regular abstinence will be granted on that day so as to permit the consumption of the traditional corned beef.

Inspired by the example of the zealous apostle to the Irish, I believe it more appropriate to foster a spirit of joyful recollection on this day. Our Lenten practices are important and perhaps even more so on a feast day that has regrettably become very much secularized. For this reason, no diocesan dispensation will be granted on this occasion.

However, in accord with Canon 1245, pastors have the faculty to advise the faithful, for a just cause and in individual cases, that they may commute the abstaining from meat on Friday March 17th to some other pious work. In particular, I recommend that the faithful attend Mass on the 17th and/or abstain from some other food or drink on that day if the request is made to the pastor with a sincere disposition. In this way, we can continue our Lenten practices without interruption even on St. Patrick’s Day.



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