Frassati Club

Frassati Club is for any high school guy who desires to be nothing less than heroic in the service of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Most Holy Mother Mary, and the Church. Organized by seminarians of the Diocese of Tulsa, in addition to having a great time, we will grow as men of God and discern how best to follow God’s gracious plan for our life.

The scheduled dates for the rest of summer 2016 are

  • June 16, and 30;
  • July 14th and 28th.

We meet at Christ the King Catholic Church (1520 S. Rockford Ave, Tulsa). We’ll start with Mass at 5:30, then have dinner in the Boiler Room, followed by a discussion and some fun activities. We’ll finish up around 8 or so.

Join our Facebook group for updates and details:

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