Episcopal Crest for Bishop-Elect Konderla (Updated)

source:  St. Mary Catholic Center, College Station, TX






“Unless the Lord build the house,
in vain do the builders labor.” Psalm 127


Update From Bishop-Elect David:

“The green tassels, the Jerusalem cross and the pilgrim’s hat are traditional elements of a bishop’s coat of arms. The color palette of the shield represents my family heritage from Germany, Poland, and Ireland. It was a star that first announced the birth of our Savior. The star also represents for me my love for my native state of Texas. I also find that looking up at the stars and the beauty of the universe draws me close to the Creator of the universe. The “a” and intertwined “m” with a cross are the symbol of what is called The “Auspice Maria” meaning under the protection of Mary. My priesthood and now my life as a bishop I place under the care of Mary’s prayers and protection. It has a secondary meaning to me in that it connects me to my beloved Aggies who’s logo is the ATM. The blue line running vertically represents to me the rivers that have run through my life. I grew up in the Brazos Valley named for the Brazos River and my home diocese has been the diocese of Austin with the Colorado river running through the city and now my new diocese is prominently marked by the Arkansas River. Rivers throughout the world form lines of connection between peoples and according to Psalm 46, it is a river that gladdens the city of God, the dwelling of the most High. The motto on the bottom is NISI DOMINUS ÆDIFICAVERIT “Unless the Lord build the house, in vain do the builders labor.” From the beginning of Psalm 127.”

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