Bishop Konderla Appoints Fr. Brian O’Brien As Pastor of St. Francis Xavier in Stillwater

Bishop David Konderla has appointed  Father Brian O’Brien as Pastor of St. Francis Xavier in Stillwater. Continuing his role as the Associate Director of Vocations, Father O’Brien will complete his assignment as the President of Bishop Kelley High School on  December 21, 2017, and will begin his work in Stillwater on  January 13, 2018.

Diocese of Tulsa Survey Request

From the Diocese of Tulsa Facebook: From Bishop Konderla to the Diocese of Tulsa: Howdy! I have been your bishop now for almost five months and I must tell you I’m very excited to be here. So far I have been able to visit over 45 parishes and schools throughout the Diocese of Tulsa, and […]

Pope formally recognizes Oklahoma’s Fr. Stanley Rother as first U.S.-born martyr

From the Catholic News Service: Pope Francis has recognized the martyrdom of Father Stanley Rother of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, making him the first martyr born in the United States. The Vatican made the announcement Dec. 2. The recognition of his martyrdom clears the way for his beatification.   Read the full report here. […]

Frassati Club

Frassati Club is for any high school guy who desires to be nothing less than heroic in the service of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Most Holy Mother Mary, and the Church. Organized by seminarians of the Diocese of Tulsa, in addition to having a great time, we will grow as men of God and […]